Aion Kinah and Chanters Trait

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default Aion Kinah and Chanters Trait

Messaggio Da asdfeer1 il Mar Giu 09, 2015 12:00 pm

Aion EU Chanters have few attack skills that can defeat an opponent quickly. When fighting multiple opponents, the Chanter can encounter some trouble due to its assault power being low. Although this can hinder a Chanter, it can fend off multiple enemies in a short fight because of its healing capabilities. If the fight goes for to long, however, the Chanter is liable to run out of mana to cast heals... and the battle can end disastrously.
It is great to have Aion Kinah and equip a mace and shield in order to have the best defense. However, at the right moment it could be beneficial to equip a staff to make use from the higher assault power when using chain skills. The Chanter has several roles in groups. It can use recovery magic, albeit with lower efficiency when compared to the Cleric. It can protect party members in danger by tanking when equipped with a shield. The Chanter can also help to deal damage to a target and allow other damage dealing classes to rest and regain mana during arduous fights. Lastly, it can strengthen the attack and defense of its party members through the use of its many Mantras. More and more players choose to buy Aion EU Kinah to help them defeat hard bosses.


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