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Messaggio Da asdfeer1 il Lun Mar 09, 2015 11:32 am

The similar to the free kick system in FIFA 13, FIFA 14 free kick system is actually seems as if the free kick dynamics haven't really changed, so if you had a method that worked for you in FIFA 13, it will likely work just as well in fifa 14 gameplay. Below in this guide we will share some free kick tips or tricks to help players play well in game and enjoy more fun in game.

Dipping Free Kick (18-25 yards out). The Dipping Free Kick is the most effective free kick method in FIFA 14, and this is simply because you will use it much more than the others. It should be taken from relatively close range and closer to the center of the box than not, don't use this if you're nearing 30 yards out. Having enough of fifa 14 coins in game is very essential. There are three steps to play this method: First, you need to select a kick taker that has high Curve and Free Kick Accuracy stats, you can see this by holding down the left trigger during the free kick screen. Next, aim accordingly (it has Right of Wall & Left of Wall this two aspects). Finally, charge the power bar up to about just before the yellow, or around the beginning of the yellow if it's closer to 25 yards. Last, as you shoot the ball, hold up on the left analog stick to apply dip. Try to make it go straight up so you get some nice downward curl. If everything else is done correctly, this should be the easiest part and your shot will drop nicely out of reach of the keeper.

Driven Free Kick (35+ yards out). The Driven Free Kick is undoubtedly the most spectacular free kick to score, but it is also notorious for being incredibly difficult to pull off. If you need, you can buy a fifa 14 cd key to do a helpful for you.


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