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Messaggio Da asdfeer1 il Ven Apr 10, 2015 11:04 am

When you heard the name of this game, you may know this game is built around kung fu. The goal of this game that you play is to become a hero. Age of Wushu has rich content, it is very interesting and you will be very interested in it. Here in this article we will introduce some basic information about team which you will meet in game, below is the detail information for your reference.

You can create a team by right clicking your own character avatar and choose to set up a team in age of wushu game. After a team is created, pressing [O] will activate the [Team] interface where team information is shown. You can also set up your team by clicking the [Form Team] option directly in the [Team] interface. After a team is set up, names of nearby players can be found in the [Nearby Players] interface, which can be accessed by pressing the contraction button in the [Team] interface. You can click [Refresh] to update the information of nearby players, click the name of the nearby player and choose [Invite To Join] to invite other players to your team. Alternatively, you can send team invitations by right clicking other players to activate the interactive interface. Choose [Invite To Team] enables you to send either a team invitation or team application. This can also be done by right clicking the names of other players in the chat information bar and choose [Team Request].

The leader of a team is able to operate the relevant authorized functions in [Team] from the [Form team] interface, which include: change team leader; kick team member; disband team; transfer into a raid etc.. [Team Information] shows all information involving your team members in age of wushu age of wulin. Team leader is also able to locate further information and carry out orders in [Allocation Method].


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