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Messaggio Da asdfeer1 il Lun Ago 10, 2015 12:03 pm

The chaps over at EA Games happen to be extremely vocal about the proven fact that this year’s release will see a large increase within the strength of its gamers. For that reason crosses into the box and corners will probably be critical options for acquiring the ball from the back of the net. In an effort to manipulate corners in FIFA14 you require to aim for the centre half forward. Along with your players new identified strength the prospects of bursting through a group of defenders or providing the ball an effective header are elevated. Improve your probabilities much more by sticking a tall guy up front, the likes of Robin Van Persie could be an excellent striker to aim your corners towards.
Passing the ball is tougher than it has been in any with the other incarnations in the game, you need FIFA 14 cd key. A revamp of the game’s Teammate Intelligence attribute signifies that defenders are extra astute, observant and are greater at swarming players with the ball. The identical power metre applies for passes so uncomplicated does it! Pin level the exact player you’d want to send the ball to and pass accordingly. You can also buy FIFA 14 coins to help you defeat your opponents.


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