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default Basic Information for EVE Online Mining

Messaggio Da asdfeer1 il Gio Apr 02, 2015 10:36 am

Mining is the most basic, accessible profession in EVE Online, it is also an industry skill that not only increases your mining yield by 25% for each level trained, but is also required for many different pieces of mining equipment, including one of the most important: mining lasers. Training the Mining skill to level five is a must for any miner. EVE Online gold is very important in game. Below we will offer some more basic information to help you have a deep knowledge of mining, have a look!

Your Mining Frigate. When you are first starting out in EVE Online, you automatically start with the skill to be able to pilot the frigates of your character's race. For each race, there is a frigate that is specifically suited to mining, you can find out which one it is by looking at the descriptions for each ship. If the bottom of the description says that you get mining bonuses with that ship, then that is that race's mining frigate. Now, you could just stick with the mining frigate of your chosen race, but the Caldari Bantam is widely considered to be the best of all races' mining frigates. To use the Bantam, you'll need to buy and train the Caldari frigate skill, but it really is worth it considering that the Caldari also make a great beginner industrial ship, which requires the Caldari Frigate skill to pilot. You will need amount of eve online isk. And overall, it's a great idea to buy and train all of the races' frigate skills, because that lays the foundation for you to be able to pilot almost any ship.

Mining Lasers. On a frigate, you can fit mining lasers. The quality of a mining laser will determine your mining yield. There are numerous mining lasers on the market, and the difference between them lies in their mining yields. A mining laser takes 60 seconds to complete a mining cycle, this means that when you activate a mining laser on an asteroid, it will put the mined ore into your cargohold after 60 seconds. The amount that is mined depends on the mining laser that you use. The Mining Laser II is the best mining laser on the market, it has the same cycle time as the other types of miners, but it has the highest yield of all mining lasers. To use a Mining Laser II, you must have the Mining skill trained to at least level 4, so this laser type is not for beginners. Hope this eve online guide can do a great helpful for you.


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